Sunday, January 15, 2012

To My Friend

A conversation with a friend:

Your life is very difficult to understand.
Sometimes you told me that you are enjoying it, sometimes you don't.

You told me that you want to do a lot of things in your life but when I asked you to enumerate those things, you said "I don't know what are those things?" How's that? Are you crazy?

I usually advise you to think for a million times before making any decision in your life.
But now, here you are, telling me that you are confused which to follow (between your heart and mind).

You said, " I don't know which to follow." At first, I thought, maybe your so called "trial" is all about love. But this is what you replied,"It's not only about love." What do you mean here? Are you trying to say that you are confused to a lot of things in your life now? Why? What's bothering you lately?

Hey talk to me! Why are you not answering anymore? That's not good my friend. You should think and also consider what your heart is telling you. You're getting older and you might have regrets in the future if you will not make any decision now. Please my friend. You are a good person. It is normal to have those people who hate you or don't like you; but there are also some people who love you very much, and I am one of them my friend. Getting hurt is normal especially when it comes to love. As what others say, "you should always be ready getting hurt once you fall in love." And I mind you, it's true!

In the end, you are the one who will make that final decision. If you can do it now, then do it now. Who knows, there will be no tomorrow anymore...

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