Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentines' Day Happiness

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Happy Valentines' day! or should I say, Happy Single Awareness Day?

Anyway, maybe if you are in a relationship now, you might have plans for February 14, 2012.
I am not saying that if you are single, you will just have to stay at home and just sleep the whole day.
Of course, Valentines' Day is not only for couples! This is also for those who haven't found their "missing piece" yet. Sounds like so old school, isn't it? But I think it's true!

Most of us are really busy finding out what we really want in life...things that will make us happy...or special someone who will make our hearts beat so fast (aha, i know it's old school again). 

What's my point here? Very simple! Enjoy life the way it is. If you already found those things or maybe that person, never let it go. Cherish it, take good care of it... But not in the point that you will do that much. So when it's gone (for some reasons), it won't be that painful [but i think, it will still be very painful. :( ]. 

Not all relationships last forever. You might be in a relationship now but how long? Well, good for you if you will also marry the same person you're loving now and stay together until the end of your lives. (wink)

You must know that there are different kinds of relationships (sorry, I wont discuss it in details). What I want you to know is that, I just want you to be happy whether you are in a relationship now or not. You can be happy (not only on Valentines' Day but everyday) in many ways.

If you are already committed, spend time together, go to your favorite place/s, do those things you love doing together, or simply talk to each other, stare at each other's eyes  (Oh C'mon! This sounds so romantic! Haha! ) and so many things! (haha) However, if you are single, try to be with your friends who are single too, eat your favorite food together, go and join some parties, do the things you enjoy doing [alone], dance, sing, or worst just sleep (I know it's mean, sorry).

Your happiness is in your hands. Some people can control their feelings, some cannot. But you must know that HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE (and yeah i wrote it in capital letters and highlighted it so you can read it clearly, haha).

If you are not yet contented and happy with your life, then do the things that will make you happy now. If you still don't know what will make you happy, then search for it. Don't make simple things so complicated.

You really don't know what will happen tomorrow.

I will end this blog with this song (wink):

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