Sunday, March 4, 2012

My heart will always go back here because I love this place!

Baguio City or also known as the City of Pines is the Summer Capital of the Philippines...The temperature here is not so cold and not so hot. It took me 6 hours from Manila by bus. However, it took me 8 hours from Baguio to Manila by bus due to a heavy traffic. -_____-

I'm on my way going to Baguio City. Every time I see this view, I know that I'm near Baguio City.

First thing I did was to get my civil service certificate of legibility. I need this [especially if  I am planning to work in the government].

Eating breakfast at KFC.

This was taken inside SM Baguio City.
That's the name of this shopping mall.
This is actually an "open mall". I think, they are not really using air conditioner here because the temperature is really awesome! Haha!

This is the perfect view from the shopping mall's Miranda. Isn't it amazing? At night, this place is like a Christmas tree full of Christmas lights. [Sorry, I wasn't able to capture a picture at night.]


Hey look! There's a small amusement park at my back. ^_^

I accidentally saw my University Thesis partner.

So crowded! I was walking along the Session Road (this is the name of the popular road in Baguio) which is closed during Flower Festival. This is for "Session in Bloom". It's a night market for 5 days [I guess].

C'mon! Let's eat!

Wait!!! I'm so tired walking and walking. I need rest. But there's no available chairs so I sit on the floor. Haha!

Hi! I am flower Rhoda. I hope you'll like me. ^_^

Mount Arayat. I saw it while I'm on my way back to Manila. Oh I will surely miss Baguio City!

FOOD       I        ATE      IN        BAGUIO    CITY

Breakfast time with KFC potato fries and mushroom soup! Hmmmm!! Perfect for a cold breeze!

This is a Filipino snack called "Okoy." It is usually made from Papaya but this Okoy is made from squash and it's so yummy! You must try it! :)

This is a local version of Crepes in Baguio City. The price is so affordable and the taste is good! It has  different toppings (chocolate, strawberry, mango). I chose mango and chocolate with milk syrup. Haha! I just love sweets!

This is "Calamay". It is one of the signature Bohol Delicacies along with the famed Peanut Kisses. It is made up of well-milled glutinous rice, coconut milk, sugar plus chopped peanuts as optional. The milled rice is then poured into the half-heated coconut milk. Constant stirring is needed until the right consistency of stickiness is achieved ( 

I really love eating this food! It was my first time to eat this. It's a bit expensive but the taste is really awesome, perfect, and great! Woooh!

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