Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Four-Day Vacation at My Beloved Hometown-Bolinao

My summer vacation was very fun! I went back to my hometown last April 15, 2012 and stayed there until April 18. Four days are not enough to spend some quality time with those special people in my life. However, I am still happy because I was able to attend to my friends' weddings.

April 15, 2012 is my other friend's wedding. Her name is Monica. We are good friends way back in High School. Unfortunately, I was not able to take a picture with her using my camera but we were able to have a picture together using their camera [I wanna get a copy!!!!]. Now, she is a housewife and soon to be a mother. I wish her and her husband a happy married life.

We are the bride's friends... :)

After 2 days, one of our batch mates and also our good friend also got married. She is Abegail Rengil now Mrs. Abegail R. Caalaman. She is such a wonderful bride.

The Bride walking along the aisle

The Newlywed Mr. and Mrs. Jason and Abegail Caalaman

Different Pictures

I can't swim so I just swim near the sea shore, haha
Thanks to this life-saver floating thing, I can be able to swim... :)

Inside   the cave
Small Fall

Practice swimming

Holding on 

Welcome to Enchanted Cave!

What a lovely view from the hill

What a beautiful view! I hope these are all mine!!!

With my Best Friend


With friends before the reception

Everything is ready!

My skirt's color is same with the table cloth...haha

Me and Grace as the masters of ceremony during Abegail and Jason's Wedding Reception

Near the Sea



Let's Eat Spaghetti


My favorite!!!

Fried Fish


Crabs!!!! My Favorite!

In my hometown, we call it AROROSEP. :)
It is an edible seaweed.

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