Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hello Friends! Narinig mo na ba 'yung VMobile o LoadXtreme?
Wala ka pang ideya about doon?
Sige, panoorin mo muna ito.

Anu friend? 'Di ka naniniwala? Akala mo siguro pyramiding? 
Tanong mo siguro, "Bakit naman ang sasama dyan?"

VMOBILE TECHNOLOGIES INC., had created a BUSINESS PROGRAM that allows its PARTNERS to uplift the lives of their families by providing a reliable business and growth opportunities, to explore the unlimited possibilities and wonders of prepaid loading by providing a reliable loading system, to create jobs and empower a lot of people so they can live their dreams! "

Eto pa lang ang Kumpanyang naka pag produce ng 65 Millionaires in 4 years at me mga upcoming Millionaires pa bago matapos ang taong 2012.

Regitered po ito sa DTI at mayroon pong Head Office ang VMobile sa 19th and 20th Flrs., Galleria Corp Center EDSA,  Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Paano ka kikita sa VMobile LoadXtreme?
Click mo lang  ITO

Anu friend, interesado kana ba? Anong una mong gagawin?

1. Kung andito ka lang naman sa Pilpinas, kindly contact me:

Telephone Number: (02) 238-1935
Mobile Number: 09294957312 (smart)/09274521390 (globe)

2. Prepare Php 3988.00 to avail the 

TechnoEntrepreneur Package which includes the


*20 Technouser Access cards that you can sell for 250 each (total 

amount of P5,000.00)

*20 Pricelists

*20 Quick Guide,

*3 Product Guide

*3 Smart SIM cards 

*2 pcs. VMobile Tarpaulin

***Kung wala ka sa Manila friend, ipapadala sayo yung package 

via LBC gaya ng ginagawa sa head office.

***Kung kulang pa ang budget mo sa ngayon, kahit mag avail 

kalang muna ng Technouser card para maging load retailer ka ng    

kahit na anong network gamit lang ang isang sim. Php 250.00 

each lang po ito. May kasama na po yung 1 pricelist, 1 quickguide 

para magamit at makapagregister ka. Wala pa po kasamang load 

wallet yung Technouser card. Bali bibili po kayo ng load sa Bangko 

like BPI, BDO,Metrobank, at Union Bank, o di kaya'y sa mga 

katulad niyo din pong retailer o dealer. Wala pong charge fee. Pag 

1000 pesos ang bibilhin mong load, 1000 pesos din po ang 

babayaran niyo.

Part Time Jobs and Online Jobs

You need extra income?

You want to have a part time job?

Have you ever thought of joining any social networking companies after you watched a video presentation posted by your friend in FaceBook but you don't have enough money to start with?

How about making yourself busy browsing the internet and looking for "online or home-based jobs"?

No matter what your reasons are,  most of us want an extra income.

Internet is your main source.

Once you google "Part-Time Jobs" or "Online Jobs", there are so many results that you could fine.
There are some online typing jobs, social marketing positions, clicking ads online, and online teaching.

Here are some websites that you can visit to search for credible online jobs. Click to open.

Earn Surfer
Online Jobs for Filipinos

Good luck guys!

I hope you can find a good online part-time/full-time job/s. 

After Graduation from College

I am a graduate of a Bachelor of Arts in Communication last 2011 from a prestigious university.

I always dreamt of having a high salary after studying for a total of 15 years (including primary, secondary, and tertiary). 

I attended some Job Fair so I can have a lot of choices. As much as possible, I want to have a job with high salary. Well I just found out that usually in a BIG job fair, employers will not conduct interview on the spot (Oh! except for call centers) and of course you can't already know the range of salaries they will offer you (Except for call centers again). You will just really pass your resume and wait for some interview invitations via SMS or calls (so keep your phones active...don't put it in silent mode because they might just call you once and if you missed it, sorry!). 

Then after 1 week (yeah, that long after that job fair), I received calls and interview invitation. I can't divide my self into parts so I need to prioritize which is which. I mean learn to manage your time. Just choose one specific company for that day and schedule other interview on another day. I think you can give schedules to the employer but I don't really suggest it especially if it is a big company since you are not their priority (oops sorry for the word). 

For an initial interview in a "well-established company", you need to go there at their scheduled INITIAL interview time (let's say 7AM). However, the first interview will actually starts around 9:30AM or even later. At first, you need to take an exam. If you pass it, then you can proceed to another step. Well it's like enrolling again. In my case, I go back and forth in that particular company for at least 10 times for 1 month before getting that job. I didn't really understand why do they need to do this since each interview takes 5-10 minutes only and you need to wait for 2 hours or more! Well, maybe to see if you are really dedicated and motivated to join their company. Most of people say don't ask about your salary at first but I think you need to ask about it after your first, second, and third interviews! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do that so I was so disappointed during my final interview. 

After finding out that my starting salary is just like my allowance when I was still a University student, I almost get fainted because of too much disappointed. Well because I thought they will offer me a good and high salary since I have a very nice educational background and it's also because I think they are a "well-established company." I already set a very high expectation before joining this company. 

LESSON LEARNED? Never expect (haha).  

Monday, June 4, 2012

Splashing Water at Splash Island

Welcome to Splash Island! A paradise near the very busy city of  Manila. It is only an hour away from Taguig City (the place where I am currently residing at).

Okay, so there's how it looks like outside. Now, let's go inside this water amusement park. Ready?

The entrance gate. So simple isn't it? :)

Okay i'm tired. Haha! just kidding.

Oh, wait, what's that? Where? There! 

See? This is what I am looking at. Later I will ride that donut-like lifesaver and try to swim here even though I can't swim, haha!

Do you know what's this? It's a kiddie pool or a swimming pool for children.

I think, this is a pool for me because the water is not deep. Haha!

Can you see these waves? Hmmm, try to look below. That's how it really looks like.

What you have seen above is only a picture of a picture (haha, confused? me too, haha). This is what they called Agos Grandes. Agos is a tagalog word which means "waves." Grandes is I think a spanish word which means "Big". So Agos Grandes means big waves. But in this picture, there are no waves right? Later I will show you how it looks like with "big waves". They are using a special machine to create artificial waves.

Okay, this is how it looks like if there are already some waves. I don't have a closer picture look of those big waves because Im afraid my camera might get wet. :)

Outside the ball                                                               Inside the ball

Well, I am not really inside the ball. I am outside the ball. haha

Welcome to Tausug trails. That's how they call this water park.

This is the "Balsa River". Have you see the one in the earlier pictures? 
No? Okay you'll see later. I still need to roam around and take some pictures before wearing my swim wear, haha!

This is what they called "Magellan Drop". I don't know why they called it like that but maybe because you will be dropped from a very high building down there! Of course , I tried it. No pictures because my camera is not water proof. :(

(photo credits to: Splash Island) This is Rio Montanosa. It is like a roller coaster but it's just that you need to ride in a big rubber boat. It was fun!
Time to change. They will not allow me to swim (well not really swimming) if I am not wearing a swim wear.

Hi there! It's me! haha! Okay now I'm ready to swim or doin some water adventures rather, let's go!

But wait, I wanna take a picture here first. Smile Rhoda! Click!

First water park is the Balsa River. Remember?

Yes! It's more fun in the Philippines!

I don't know these people but please take a picture of mine! Smile!

Is this me? haha

Who's that girl? That's me, of course! this is the big Bamboo twisted palms.

Yes, this is what you'll gonna experience if you will try this Big Bamboo Twisted Palms. I felt like a little kid playing with water, haha!

Next is the kiddie pool. Who said kiddie pool is only for kids? No way! It's also for those who cannot swim [like me!]

What a big smile! haha

Now let's try Magellan's drop.
It's so high! Oh em Gee!
I have feart with heights. T_T


I took a picture with a not so popular comedian I spotted here. S/he looks prettier than me, isn't S/he? :D