Monday, June 4, 2012

I am young, I am free, but I am not wild.

They say, "life is short" so we need to enjoy every second of our life.
I am turning 22 years old this year and I can say that I haven't fully enjoyed my life that much. Why is that so? I spent my early childhood years playing [alone] and dedicated most of my time during my teenage years in studying. I entered University of the Philippines when I was 16, and that time I thought, I will be able to enjoy my life because I will be living independently...but I was wrong. It is so hard to live alone far from your family. I came from a medium class family. We are not rich, we are not that poor. We can eat 2-3 times a week. I was the only one who was able to go to college in our family. I was able to enter college because of my scholarship. I was very thankful and I felt so lucky because I don't need to pay an expensive amount for my tuition fee. I also received a monthly allowance from my university. However, that stipend is not big so I need to work while studying. My father is only a fisherman and his salary is only enough for our family's daily needs. First, I worked as a fast-food crew (as a cashier to be specific). Then I also tried to work in our university's library as a student assistant. As you can imagine, I spent my university years in studying and working. I never tried to go and drink alcohol in the bar, attend so many parties, going to different places, etc. 
When I was in my senior year in college, there are a lot of things I need to pay like my graduation fee, graduation pictorial fee, and my year book. Of course I also need to pay my apartment rental payment, my electricity & water bills, and my food allowance. My parents sometimes sent me some money for my food if they have extra money. Then one time, I heard some of my classmates talking about this online English teaching. I became so interested that I asked them about it. That was the first time I heard about RareJob. I visited the website and made my account. Then maybe 1 week after, someone called me for an interview. Luckily I passed it. Next step is having a training and I was so blessed to passed it again. I felt so excited at the same time nervous during my first time to teach. For some reasons, my first two students were absent.[haha] That was the beginning of my teaching experience in RareJob. At first, I really don't like teaching. I think it's so difficult to teach someone. But as time goes by, I was able to fell in love with teaching until it became my passion. I already encountered  different kinds of students in RareJob. Some are beginners, others are already intermediate or advanced. There were some who were very kind, not so kind, shy, jolly, or strict. This part-time job has helped me a lot especially in my financial needs. I was able to sustain my needs and sent some money to my parents who are living in my hometown. 

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