Monday, June 4, 2012

Splashing Water at Splash Island

Welcome to Splash Island! A paradise near the very busy city of  Manila. It is only an hour away from Taguig City (the place where I am currently residing at).

Okay, so there's how it looks like outside. Now, let's go inside this water amusement park. Ready?

The entrance gate. So simple isn't it? :)

Okay i'm tired. Haha! just kidding.

Oh, wait, what's that? Where? There! 

See? This is what I am looking at. Later I will ride that donut-like lifesaver and try to swim here even though I can't swim, haha!

Do you know what's this? It's a kiddie pool or a swimming pool for children.

I think, this is a pool for me because the water is not deep. Haha!

Can you see these waves? Hmmm, try to look below. That's how it really looks like.

What you have seen above is only a picture of a picture (haha, confused? me too, haha). This is what they called Agos Grandes. Agos is a tagalog word which means "waves." Grandes is I think a spanish word which means "Big". So Agos Grandes means big waves. But in this picture, there are no waves right? Later I will show you how it looks like with "big waves". They are using a special machine to create artificial waves.

Okay, this is how it looks like if there are already some waves. I don't have a closer picture look of those big waves because Im afraid my camera might get wet. :)

Outside the ball                                                               Inside the ball

Well, I am not really inside the ball. I am outside the ball. haha

Welcome to Tausug trails. That's how they call this water park.

This is the "Balsa River". Have you see the one in the earlier pictures? 
No? Okay you'll see later. I still need to roam around and take some pictures before wearing my swim wear, haha!

This is what they called "Magellan Drop". I don't know why they called it like that but maybe because you will be dropped from a very high building down there! Of course , I tried it. No pictures because my camera is not water proof. :(

(photo credits to: Splash Island) This is Rio Montanosa. It is like a roller coaster but it's just that you need to ride in a big rubber boat. It was fun!
Time to change. They will not allow me to swim (well not really swimming) if I am not wearing a swim wear.

Hi there! It's me! haha! Okay now I'm ready to swim or doin some water adventures rather, let's go!

But wait, I wanna take a picture here first. Smile Rhoda! Click!

First water park is the Balsa River. Remember?

Yes! It's more fun in the Philippines!

I don't know these people but please take a picture of mine! Smile!

Is this me? haha

Who's that girl? That's me, of course! this is the big Bamboo twisted palms.

Yes, this is what you'll gonna experience if you will try this Big Bamboo Twisted Palms. I felt like a little kid playing with water, haha!

Next is the kiddie pool. Who said kiddie pool is only for kids? No way! It's also for those who cannot swim [like me!]

What a big smile! haha

Now let's try Magellan's drop.
It's so high! Oh em Gee!
I have feart with heights. T_T


I took a picture with a not so popular comedian I spotted here. S/he looks prettier than me, isn't S/he? :D

That's my trip to Splash Island. I really enjoyed it so much!This is just the beginning of my adventure! See you on my next trip! Sayonara!

 Now if you want more information about it. please click here.

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