Friday, July 27, 2012

One Sunday Rainy Day

I don't usually go out because I just don't like spending my time outside.
I need to do so many things whenever l go out. For example, I must choose the right clothes for me, I need to commute, there's pollution outside,so many people, and I don't wanna get wet by the rain [especially now that it's rainy season in the Philippines].

However, I went out last Sunday for some reasons. I was wearing this shorts and blouse with a hood...perfect for a rainy season!

I hate wearing pants since it will get wet by the rain.
I don't have my own car so I need to commute from my place to the shopping mall. It usually takes 15 minutes by Jeepney. (T_T)

What cha think? (What do you think) (^_^)

On this day, I ate Japanese food for the first time ever [except Takuyaki, Tempura, and Teriyaki] !!!
I ate Tonkatsu, Maki, Teriyaki, Vegetable salad, and Miso soup this day.
My favorite here is Tonkatsu! Oishi!

After eating and window shopping, I went to a cake shop. Actually, my main purpose going out was to buy a cake. Yes that's my reason!!! I wanna ate this cake all by myself! Haha! Oh no!  Calories!!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Just Keep Swimming? No, not for me...

Once upon a time, I tried and learned how to swim...
But unfortunately, I failed (as always).

When I was in Elementary, we don't have swimming lessons so I wasn't able to learn how to swim. Actually, our house that time is near the sea, just like few steps away, but I'm really scared swimming.
I experienced to get drowned for many times...maybe for 2 or 3 times?

First time was when I was 2 years old in a big pail of water (ask my mother for more details, hahaha). 

Second was when I was celebrating my 9th birthday in a swimming pool with my family.  I didn't notice that I was going into the deeper part of the pool. I was so lucky my father can swim well for him to save me.

Finally was when I was a first year high school student. The boat that we were riding sunk.
I was lucky again because my brother was also there to save me.

So until now, because of these reasons, I still don't have the courage to swim.

Monday, July 9, 2012


I always think about work, money, my dreams, and other possessions I want to have in my life. I've found out that these things can make me so stressful...

Most of us (perhaps all of us) always like the best that is why we strive hard just to achieve those things we think the best for us (aren't we?). And if we failed, we became so depressed and it seems like the end of the world...

I may live my life to the fullest but I should always live it with GOD...

You cannot please everybody

May mga taong ayaw sayo.

Ayaw means inggit, insecure, at other synonyms ng mga words na to, hehe....
Pero wag kang mag-alala... 

"You cannot please everybody" nga diba?

Isa pa, mas marami pa rin ang mga taong gusto ka. 

Gusto ka means totoo sayo. 
Totoo sayo means nakaharap man o nakatalikod (literally and not, haha)... 
Ganyan ang buhay ng tao sa mundo... 
Relax ka lang. Pray ka lang. 

Focus ka lang sa mga goals mo sa buhay. 

Hindrances lang sila. Mga kampon ni Satan na pinadala para sirain ang buhay mo. Para maging tulad ka din nila. Pero wag mo hayaan yun. "Always have a strong faith". Blessed ang mga api, 

hehehe. Sa telenovela nga, laging may kontrabida, sa buhay ng tao pa kaya? At always "don't give-up". Kaya nga may tinatawag tayong motivation, courage, and faith. Sobrang laking tulong ng mga ito. Promise! ;)