Friday, July 27, 2012

One Sunday Rainy Day

I don't usually go out because I just don't like spending my time outside.
I need to do so many things whenever l go out. For example, I must choose the right clothes for me, I need to commute, there's pollution outside,so many people, and I don't wanna get wet by the rain [especially now that it's rainy season in the Philippines].

However, I went out last Sunday for some reasons. I was wearing this shorts and blouse with a hood...perfect for a rainy season!

I hate wearing pants since it will get wet by the rain.
I don't have my own car so I need to commute from my place to the shopping mall. It usually takes 15 minutes by Jeepney. (T_T)

What cha think? (What do you think) (^_^)

On this day, I ate Japanese food for the first time ever [except Takuyaki, Tempura, and Teriyaki] !!!
I ate Tonkatsu, Maki, Teriyaki, Vegetable salad, and Miso soup this day.
My favorite here is Tonkatsu! Oishi!

After eating and window shopping, I went to a cake shop. Actually, my main purpose going out was to buy a cake. Yes that's my reason!!! I wanna ate this cake all by myself! Haha! Oh no!  Calories!!!!

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