Monday, August 27, 2012

DIY Nail Art: Green and Posh Pink

Whenever I'm bored, I just get my nail art tools and oh la!
Here's the outcome!

Here are the things you need to prepare before anything else:

Then, clean your nails and cover it with the first base coat using a green nail polish(I used Jungle green Sassy nail polish here).

Using a dotting tool, or a cotton bud, form the petals by dipping it into the pink nail polish (I used Revlon Posh Pink Nail Polish).

Then create at curve line for its stem. I used a white colored nail polish for this.

After that, create the leaves. I just used Sassy Sparkling Glitters Nail polish since I want to create a glowing and sparkling effect. You may have your own unique style for this.

Finally, coat it with naturals for its protection.

<3 <3 <3

Thanks a bunch!

I just wanna have fun!

Every Sunday, I always do my best to dress well yet comfortably.
I really like wearing pants!

I am wearing a girl must have black bat-wing blouse. I bought it from an online shop.
I am wearing my old blue green pants. I rarely wear it before since I think it's only good for white Tee shirts or  white blouses.
I am so happy because after experimenting, I finally discovered that this can actually be a good match to any color especially black.
With these outfit, I am wearing a limited edition wedge from So! Fab.
It is so easy to walk in for someone like me who's not used to wearing high heels but still wanted to look good.
I prefer wedges than high heels because I can still manage to balance my self especially when walking quite fast.