Monday, November 5, 2012

My Lovely Vacation

I had a six-day vacation this month of November.
There might be some changes with some of my friends' plans, still, we were able to enjoy our get together.
I arrived in my hometown, Bolinao, Pangasinan last October 31, 2012. Click this to see--> Map of my Hometown in the Philippines  or this City of Bolinao.

I have to be there 1 day before my birthday!

This is what happened on my first day of vacation:

This is my beloved mother. 

I want to lay myself down on a bed of sand. :D

This is one of the old bridge in my hometown. We call it BALINGASAY BRIDGE.

These are the "FRUITS OF MY LABOR" when I was still a student im Elementary, High School, and College. Take note, we don't have Junior High School. :)

After spending the daytime with my family, I met my friends. This what happened in the evening:

As you can see, my hometown has a Tsunami Warning Siren. I am not sure if it looks the same of what they are using in Japan. My hometown is near the sea so we really need it.

Jollibee is one of the most famous Filipino fast food chain in the Philippines. This is a mobile Jollibee store. It always visits our hometown during holidays and other special occasions. As you can see, we are doing the Mc Donalds action/symbolism. Hahaha!

Filipinos are buying some flowers like these. They will offer it to their dead family members or relatives every time they go to the cemetery. November 1 is like our  Japanese Obon day  here in the Philippines. We call it All saints day and at the same time, it's my birthday!

Ooops! We were not part of this club. We were just sitting here to take pictures! Haha

We really don't know which way we should go. Haha

So it is November 1! My family and I woke up so early to prepare all the things we need to cook for my birthday celebration. We finished cooking at exactly 1 in the afternoon.

So I already prepared for my celebration at 3 P.M.

Hi! It's me. I just finished taking a bath and some visitors are coming. I wasn't able to prepare myself very well. I hope i am looking so fine, hahaha!

These are all my favorite food! Want some?

Meet my High school friends. 

Meet my High school friends for the second time, haha 

Meet my other High School friends. Actually they're late! But it's okay, better late than never. :D

That same day, we went outside together to watch the Haloween party in our auditorium!

After my Birthday Celebration, November 2 is a rest day. All i did is to sleep and eat with my family.

Then November 3 was an outing day with my friends. We supposedly go to Kultura in La Union. Click this to see-->KULTURA

However, some of my friends weren't feeling well. So we just decided to go to the nearest beach resort in our place. That is EL PISCADOR, Bolinao, Pangasinan.

It was just few steps away from our house! Haha

If you want to stay here over night, you may choose to stay in this Nipa House. There is an air conditioner inside so it feels comfortable to sleep here. I've heard that the accommodation price is very reasonable. We didn't stay here. 

We call it Iced Candy. It is so colorful, isn't it? :D

Meet my High school friends. It seems like our reunion! I haven't seen some of them for a long time!


Next pictures are all about fun, happiness and enjoyment!

See? I cannot really swim so I stay in the kid's pool. Haha

Then on November 4, I went to Baguio City alone. It was raining that time.

This is a bridge in Marcos Highway.

I sometimes feel dizzy because the Marcos highway has a "ZIGZAG" road.

Welcome to University of the Philippines Baguio!

The busy session Road.

At the top floor of the SM City Baguio. 

Red car! Haha

My favorite restaurant in Baguio City!

I ate the following meals:


I really enjoyed my vacation. 
Hmmm, where and what should I do in my next vacation?

Still thinking about it. :D

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