Wednesday, March 6, 2013


(2 days and 2 nights)

At Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 for our departure (from Manila to Cebu)

We already we're just waiting for our flight.

We're about to enter the plane!

Believe it or not, it was my first time to ride on an airplane. So guess what? I felt so nervous this time! Haha!

Time Check: 11:15PM....Arrival in Mactan-Cebu International Airport

Taking pictures at the airport with my MBA friends

Waiting for the ticket booth to open. We need to buy round trip tickets from Cebu Pier 1 to Tagbilaran City vice versa.
Round trip tickets cost Php 840.00

Already bought some tickets so we're about to check-in...

This was my first time to ride on a ship. Excited with my dress, beanie hat, and black tights! 

This is ocean jet ship. If you'll planning to visit Bohol from Cebu, I highly recommend this ship. Tickets are reasonable. Seats are not that good but still comfortable. Travelling time is 1 and a half hour but no worries since there is Wi-Fi on-board.

Go out and see this amazing view!

Amazing! Great!

White sea bubbles....So good effects!

This was my first time to ride on a ship. I thought I will be experiencing sea sick...but fortunately, sea waves were not big so it's as if I was just riding on a bus.
Already arrived at the Port of Tagbilaran at exactly 8:00AM.

Meet my MBA friends (from left) Roger, Arlene, Carla, Rhoda (Me), Gerald. Picture taken by Christopher.

No sea sick yes!
After arriving at the port, we rented a van to bring us to our hotel named L' Elephant Bleu Hotel. There are a lot of vans for rent in the Port. Most of them offer 600 pesos from the port to our hotel (in Panglao Island). But because of our good negotiation techniques, we got it for only 300 pesos! Haha!

***click the underlined hotel's name to check their website***

A short stroll away from our hotel, and you'll see this beautiful ocean view. Clear ocean, white sand, and perfect weather!

Wearing my floral dress with my floral shoes and big sunglasses for today's tour activity. 
I am really blessed to see this amazing sight seeing spot!
With pretty Carla, one of my MBA friends.

Inside the Van...on our way to different tourists' spots in Bohol!


I am about to ride on the floating restaurant.
Buffet lunch and ride on the floating restaurant for only 450 pesos!


Oh! I am indeed a tourist this time.

With Gerald

Me, Arlene, and Carla...the amazing girls!

Before owned and taken by Arlene. :)


We saw some performers (children and adults) who were singing and dancing. They were also riding on a floating house. Foreigners and other tourists gave some "donations" or money for them. It is optional anyway. 

What a beautiful scenery still in Loboc River!


Welcome to Tarsiers' sanctuary!!!

Tarsier is the smallest monkey in the world! They are nocturnal animals. Nocturnal means they are active at night. So now, they are sleeping. Sssshhhhhhhh....keep quiet....

Say Tarsier!

We were acting like tarsiers! Haha

More Tarsiers! ^_^



By the way, we are the endorsers of this place....hahaha



At the side of Bilar's road



Before we can see the entire view of the chocolate hills, we need to go up to these very high stairs.

First stop...tired but it's worth it!
Climbing a very high and stepped stairs worth this amazingly magnificent view. It's amazing how God created all of these small hills...

I am a giant!!!

Like a boss!

Enjoying the view with my friends...

You can only find this great place in Carmen, Bohol, Philippines!

Failed jump shot! Haha
From the left: Arlene, Rhoda (Me), and Carla

Nice view form the top of the hill...with Carla.

Blood Compact is the first treaty of friendship and alliance between Spaniards and Filipinos.

To read more about it, please click the link below.

All about Blood Compact

I'm thirsty! Please give me some drinks!

Finally!!! I can drink!
Hugging my boyfriend! Haha

Whoah! It's just behind the Blood Compact monument...
My legs are already aching but after seeing this clearly awesome view, all I can say is, "WOW!"

A simple pose is enough since the view is already great!
We didn't lose the opportunity to take a lot of pictures! Isn't it obvious? Haha

Great view plus pretty ladies equals Picture Perfect! Yehey!

We also didn't lose the chance to buy some souvenirs like T-shirts  key chains, and delicacies!
From the left: Peanut Fingers and Peanut kisses are some of the delicacies in Bohol. It tastes like Peanut butter! (of course!)
I also bought some "I <3 Bohol" T-shirts....


After our 1 day Bohol tour, we rested for a while, fixed our baggage  and changed our clothes for a heavy and extravagant dinner! 

Below are just some of the food that we ate and drunk....

Woke up at 5:30AM but still lying down on my bed. I still wanted to stay longer in the hotel but of course it is impossible for us to do so since we have a very limited time!

Outfit for today's activity. Time to go back to Cebu.

Some of my friends are still sleeping. So we didn't eat breakfast together. Our hotel is famous for their great breakfast meals! You can have a set of breakfast for 2 for only 180 pesos. You can choose either a Filipino or a French breakfast. I ordered  croissant with coffee and orange juice. The bread really tastes so good! I shall go back here next time!

French Breakfast

Thanks be to God because even though we arrived late in the port, we were still able to ride on the ship!
Lesson learned: stick with your itinerary and always be ahead of time!

Now, we were all relieved! Now on board! Yey! I am sitting on the window seat! I can sea[actually see] the ocean view from my window! Time check, it's now 9:30AM. ^_^