Friday, November 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Papa!

 Once upon a time, there was a baby girl born in Tabisula's residence in a town called Bolinao. She was healthy and lovely to her parents' eyes. Her parents raised her well. She was the apple of his father's eyes. Her father considered her as his princess in his as much as he could, he would give her everything she wanted. But unlike a "real" kingdom, they were not rich so he needed to work hard. He turned nights into days so that he could earn more to sustain his family's needs and buy beautiful dresses and toys for his dearest princess. Their little princess never experienced hunger despite of his father 's meager income. She never became a spoiled brat because at her young age, she has witnessed how her mother and father worked so hard just to send her to school and provide her needs. They wanted her to finish her studies because they were never had the chance to finish theirs. The princess promised to herself to put her best foot forward in everything especially on her studies. She was a consistent honor student from kindergarten until she finished her college degree. In fact, she graduated Cum Laude from the University of the Philippines-Baguio. She did this because it was her happiness whenever her parents goes on the stage with her to get her medals and awards.This was one of her ways to show her deep appreciation to them.

Oh, this is just the beginning of my story.  Someday, I will continue writing my own life story and share it to everyone. In that way, I may inspire others out there especially those people who are losing hope in their lives.

Meanwhile, meet my dearest father.

Look at my father's skin. He has dark and blemished skin complexion. I am proud to say that those are signs of his hardships. His wrinkles on his gentle face show how he have been through just to sustain our needs. But I wanted to think also that these wrinkles are his engraved smiles for I know that he is so proud of me ever since the world began. 

I just love my father.

Aside from those gossipers in our town saying that I might not be able to finish my studies because according to them, I will be a teenage mother, my father said that he needed to protect me from boys who might break my heart.

  My father was strict to me before so my mother and I were always keeping secrets from him especially when I received love letters from my admirers(haha) way back in elementary and high school (haha). The first time I received a so-called love letter was when I was a third grade Elementary student (gosh, I was so young way back then!) and I was so scared to show it to my father and mother that time. Haha!
I am so thankful how my mother and father raised me. 
Now I understand why my father was so strict to me before.
Oh! I just remember--there was a part in our college graduation ceremony wherein we need to say thank you to our parents. I am always thankful to my parents so what I have told them that time was "AKO NAMAN NA PO ANG BAHALA SA INYO MA, PA" (This time, I will be the one who will take care of you Ma and Pa.).

I am happy when they are happy. But I am weak when they are feeling bad physically and emotionally. So if you want to make me cry, just talk about my parents and my family as a whole. Haha!

I am willing to fight for them especially when some people out there say something bad about them. You can say something bad about me but never do that to my parents or else... :P

Now, I am working on and doing my best to achieve not just my goals in life but also that of my parents. 
We may not have an actual castle for now, hahaha but our kingdom is already rich with love and joy in our hearts. 


God bless our family and also yours. :)

Sunday, November 2, 2014

My 24th Birthday

 I don't pay attention to how often I celebrate my birthday. It just feels so weird when I say I'm 24. Oh well, it is really so strange for me to say, "Hey,  I'm already 24"... 24 what? Uhm, I still think and act like a teenager (haha!) I feel like I am still immature. Actually, I still feel like a child because of my childish behaviors sometimes. But what I really like the most in celebrating my birthday is that--it is a good time for me to spend this special day with the most special people in my life. As I am becoming more like an adult ('coz I still don't feel like one already, LOL), I am realizing a lot of things in my life. I realized that I want to spend more time with my family now more than spending it with my friends. I also learned that it  is better to have few friends who are real than to have so many friends but you don't know who are true and who are not.. Also, as time goes by, it is so clear to me now that "not everyone is going to like you and if you think that it's possible to be universally liked, you will kill yourself trying."

Now, another year added to my age and I am so excited for everything that God has planned for me. I know God guides me all the time. I am not so good to Him but His love never fails. I may forget Him sometimes but He is always willing to catch me when I fall. God always listens to my prayers. I am truly blessed.
 This year, I hope and pray that God will always bless and guide me and my loved ones.

 I spent my birthday with my loved ones. 
We ate at Yakimix Sushi and Smokeless Grill Restaurant.
We ate a lot! Haha!

Some staff sang a happy birthday song for me and this made me feel so special. Haha! Also, because it is my birthday, I don't have to pay for my food! Oh well, they have a birthday promo. Here are the details to avail this promo


 My father will also celebrate his birthday on the 7th day of November so Advance Happy Birthday Papa! 
I love you so much!

 Mayumi is also turning 2 years old on the 8th day of November. Advance Happy 2nd Birthday Mayumi! You are a great blessing for us You always bring happiness in our family. Everybody loves you!

"I've realized that being happy is a choice. You never want to rub anybody the wrong way or not be fun to be around, but you have to be happy. When I get logical and I don't trust my instincts - Thats when I get in trouble." ~Angelina Jolie

 Thanks for reading!

Friday, October 31, 2014

What's in my Bag?

Most women bring a lot of things inside their bags.  I rarely go out with a small bag hanging on my shoulder. I think, I just use a small bag whenever I go to a grocery store. Whenever I meet my friends, go to the church,  go to graduate school, or just go to the shopping mall, I usually use my "big" bag.
So what's inside my bag? 

1. Aluminum Card Wallet-- This is where I usually keep my ATM cards, loyalty cards, and some money bills. I don't bring any wallet aside from this aluminum card wallet. I don't have a credit card and I chose not to have it right now. I might fall into debt since I am an impulsive online shopper. LOL

2. Powerbank -- It is a must have for someone who loves gadgets. Oh well, it is a life-saving device for me. I always use the internet either at home or whenever I am somewhere else so my phones should not run out of batteries!

3. & 4. My Mobile Phones-- I have two phones. Uhm, one is for my internet browsing and the other one is for SMS and calls.

5. Spray Bottle with Perfume -- My perfume's bottle is big so to save space, it is good to use spray bottle in dispensing my perfume.

6. Hand Sanitizer -- Washing our hands with soap and water is the best way to reduce the number of germs especially before and after eating. If soap and water are not available, I use a hand sanitizer.

7. Baby Wipes and Tissue -- I use baby wipes in so many ways. Aside from using it as feminine wipes, I also use it to clean my face instead of washing it with water. When I run out of hand sanitizer, I use it to wipe and clean my hand with it. This is also a must have for me whenever I travel somewhere for a getaway trip.

8. Etude House Eyebrow Pencil (dark brown) -- I always want my eyebrow to look good. This silky smooth eyebrow pencil fills in, defines, and shapes my brows well.

9. Essence Get Big Lashes Maskara -- I don't have long lashes so this product is so helpful to me. Haha! It added density to my lashes. It is also easy to apply because the fibers of the football-like mega brush reach the tiniest lashes and cover each individual lash without causing them to stick or feel heavy.

10. Pen, Sign Pen, and Pencil --  I always make sure that I bring pens or a pencil whenever I go out just in case I need it.

11. Umbrella -- Either during rainy days or sunny days, I always make sure that I have my umbrella with me.

12. Revlon Pressed Powder -- I just use something light for my face like a baby powder or a pressed powder. Recently, I stopped using a foundation because it irritates my skin. I just received this as a gift from my good friends Mia and Bianca. haha!Thank you GFs! I love you big time!

13. Etude House Dear My Blush On -- I bought it because the packaging is so cute. Oh well, I am trying my best to use it all the time especially when I look pale. Haha!

14. Nyx Lip Gloss -- I love lip gloss more than lipsticks! I just got this out from my make-up kit.

15. Mirror -- Instead of using the mirror of my pressed powder, it is easier to use this when I just need to check if there is something on my know! haha!

16. Ponytail and Hair Clips -- If you have a long hair, these hair accessories are must haves!

17. Hand Fan -- I am living in a tropical country so I need this...haha! Oh it is so important for me whenever I ride on the Philippine National Railways (PNR). :D

18. Comb -- Oh again, if you have a long hair, I think you must have this with you all the time.

19. Candies, Gums, Biscuits -- Just in case I suddenly get hungry. It is better to be ready.

20. Canon Digital Camera -- Hmm, sometimes, I just like taking photos using my digicam rather than using my phone.

All these things are put in a dual travel organizer bag.
Okay, so I have a confession to make. I must admit it now...I am an obsessive-compulsive person when it comes to almost everything!
And oh! I forgot to include my keys, my coin purse, and my water bottle here.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Small Lagoon in El Nido, Palawan

Welcome to Small Lagoon.
This was our first stop during our Island Hopping tour A. We left El Nido town proper around 9:30 in the morning. It took us 20 minutes (or so) by boat before we arrived here in this beautiful island.

Our boat stopped from this point which means we have to SWIM from here going to the small lagoon. Oh well, I was so CONFIDENT TO SWIM because I was wearing a life vest (haha) but I think swimming from here up to there will make me so tired. Ahuh, I just thought so. :P

Oh good thing we brought Kayak with us which we rented for the whole day. Rental rates usually ranges from 700 to 1000 pesos for the whole day. This kayak is good for 2 persons. There's a smaller one if you want to do it solo.

The water is really crystal clear emerald-green!
It is not that easy to paddle though. Gosh, I guess my arm muscles already built up bigger than the usual. Haha!
For a not-so-good swimmer like me, I guess kayaking is the best thing to do here while enjoying the magnificent view of Small Lagoon.

I went inside this small cave and see the water inside? Yep, it is still a crystal clear emerald-green!

I was acting like a child here...For me, Kayaking is a perfect  time to relax and just realize few things about my life then suddenly, it reminded me of my favorite poem written by Suzy Lamborg entiled Childish Mind. Below are some of my favorite lines:

And that's your que, you must prove
You've got wings
They wanna see you fail
But show what they rather feel

Evil belongs to the fire and you belong to the sky
You are my hope my only try
I got my head stuck in the fog
My blurry vision seems to belong

Hey But I know I got a shot in this big bad world
Ohh I know I can tear it down I know I can put it up
And one day they will raise a flag with my name
I belong in this world but I maybe too old for this mind

I got childish ways you know
They run away from me
They say I don't belong in this world
I know I can make name real big

Still can't right get my letters straight
I'm struggling with myself but I know I can make
I can bow down and listen to my words, I know

Oh 'till I see you again Small Lagoon. I shall be back soon...

Monday, October 13, 2014

El Nido: Island Hopping Tour C

El Nido is such a wonderful place to visit. It is a paradise in which you can enjoy by hopping from one island to another to see limestone cliffs, lagoons, white-fine sand beaches, rock formation, and sand bars. There are available Island Hopping Tours for the tourists which give them more time on the beaches, eat good food, and have courteous guides to assist them. You can choose from tours A, B, C, and D. 
If you have a limited time to stay in El Nido, I would highly recommend you to take tours A and C. 
You can check my blog about tour A here: TOUR A

The next day after tour A, we did tour C. In tour C, we visited the following islands: Hidden Beach, Helicopter Island, Secret Beach, Matinloc Shrine, and Star Beach.
Our first stop was in the Hidden Beach. Why is it called like that? Hmmm...Maybe because  this beautiful place is covered by these rocky mountains or should I say rock formations?

Habulin mo ako! Haha!

The water level is actually shallow. I just enjoyed taking lots of pictures here and I was amazed with the scenery.
Arrgh! So heavy huh! Lol

Oh em gee! This emerald green sea water is just stunning! This was an actual photo... not edited nor modified.

We took our lunch here in Star Beach. We also enjoyed snorkeling here.

I was able to meet (haha) Nemo and his family. There they are!
Nemo says "Hello there!"
Oh his wife and his kid! Oh so cute! :D

We had a nice talk, LOL.

I am not a good swimmer so I am always thankful to the person who invented the life vest. Because of this, I can enjoy snorkeling. Geez! I must learn how to swim really soon!

I am hungry but our lunch is not yet ready so I just enjoyed my time posing for pictures because I have a very nice photographer. Haha!

Lunch time! What we had for lunch? We ate grilled fish, grilled squid, crabs, eggplant omelet, fruits, and vegetables.

After lunch break, we moved from Star Beach to the Secret Beach. Why is is secret? Because it is kept unknown by the waves of the ocean...just kidding...uhm, well literally it is true. Ahuh, you can never see the beautiful beach from this boat. All you can see is that big rock.
Can you see that small hole in the left side of the picture? You have to enter that hole before you can see the secret beach. It was a challenge for me to enter here because waves were so strong. I swam for almost 4 meters closer to the hole (Oh yeah, I can't swim but I had my life vest).

 Finally! Welcome to the secret beach!

 After the secret beach, we went to Matinloc Shrine which is also known as Shrine of Our Lady of Matinloc and Shrine of the Blessed Virgin. It is a sacred monument built in 1982 to honor the blessed virgin Mary.

Okay,so there is a saying which goes like this "face your fear". Gosh! Okay, so I did! And it was great! Especially when I saw this breathtaking view.

A panoramic view from the top of the viewing deck here in Matinloc Shirne.
You have to go up these stairs for you to reach the viewing deck.

 Most rocks have pointed formation so be careful.

Last stop to end this island hopping tour C is the Helicopter Island? Why is it called like that? Oh well, because it looks like a car? LOL! Of course it's a joke. What I enjoyed the most here was having the opportunity to snorkel and swim with this group of fish.

 Even if they look so delicious in my eyes (haha, sorry), it was a great feeling watching them eating and swimming together. This was a protected area so no wonder why there are plenty of fish in this sea...literally speaking.

Thanks for reading! :D

Live.Laugh. Love
-Travel forever-