Thursday, January 16, 2014

Haven's Peak Highland Resort

Around 3AM and were here already checked-in the airport.

Touch down Davao!

If you are planning to commute going to Haven's Peak Highland Resprt, you have to ride on a van for 4 hours. You can find this terminal in front of Gaisano Mall located in the city of Davao. If I may recall, one-way fare is about 162 pesos per person.

We did not expect that going to Maragusan wasn't that easy at all. We passed on a very rough road and most of our views inside  the van were trees, cliffs, and mountains. I cannot sleep comfortably since the road is that good. 

Finally! We're here!

This resort is actually located at a top of the mountain. I wonder how they were able to built it. I was so tired climbing up and down these 208 steps stairs. 

The temperature here is very comfortable. I really enjoyed the view from this place. It reminded me of Baguio City which is considered as the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

There was just only one problem that I noticed here in Maragusan. They didn't have an electric power source. Good thing was, Haven's Peak has a generator. Though lights turned off sometimes because they have to refuel it again.

If you are interested to go here, you may reach them directly through their website. The people there are very friendly.

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