Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Baguio City: Bell Church (Taoist' Temple)

How to go here by Jeepney:

1. Ride a jeepney with the route TRANCOVILLE and tell the driver to drop you off at an intersection near the Pines City College. Fare is just about 8 pesos.
2. Walk towards the school mentioned. If you do not know where it is, you can always ask those store owners there. They are really kind.
3. You should see some jeepneys there waiting for some passengers to ride. Ask the driver if they will pass by at the Bell Church. If yes, then you should ride. Pay 8 pesos for your fare.
4. Bell Church is located just before the "Welcome to La Trinidad" arc.

If you are afraid to ride a jeepney, ride a taxi instead. Taxi's flat rate in Baguio is only 35 pesos. It will not cost you that much. It will be more convenient if you are traveling with your friends.

 This is the entrance of the temple. People in Baguio know this place as "Bell Church" and only few of them call it as the "Taoists' Temple."

I love this place!

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