Friday, May 9, 2014

Strawberry Farm in Baguio City


 From the Bell Church, you just have to ride a jeepney with a minimum fare of 8 pesos.
Ask the driver to drop you off near the Strawberry farm. Strawberry farm is just across the Benguet State University.

 There are a lot of souvenirs to choose from! But one thing I really love to do is strawberry picking. I lived in Baguio city for four years during my college days. I have been here for so many times before but I never tried picking strawberries. Oh well, sorry for that, haha!

 Aside from strawberries, there are lots of vegetables also planted here.

Lettuce! Oh, you can get 3 heads of lettuce for only 50 pesos (or almost 1 US dollar

This was my most favorite part, picking the strawberries! Oh my gosh, finally! Haha!

There weren't so many strawberries left so it was a bit hard to fill this basket with strawberries.


A basket of strawberries (equivalent to 1 kilogram) is about 350 pesos ($7.99) which is more expensive when you just buy it from the market. But hey yah, you paid 350 pesos for that wonderful experience... 

Plus free taste! No need to clean these strawberries because I was so hungry already. Haha!

Once you get there (Strawberry Farm), you MUST try their strawberry flavor Taho (In English, they call it soy/beancurd pudding) and strawberry Ice cream!

Going back to Baguio City? Just ride a jeepney with "Plaza" written at the side part of the vehicle.
I forgot how much we paid from strawberry farm going back to Baguio City. It was less than 25 pesos ($0.57) I guess.

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