Thursday, June 19, 2014

Happiest Place on Earth: Hong Kong Disneyland

We are about to enter the happiest place on earth.

Make sure you have your tickets okay? :)

Okay wait, we need to check the directions first so we will not get lost.

OoopPps, we are not inside the theme park yet... I am just too excited to take a pose in front of the camera. Lol

I am just amazed to see Mickey surfing here. Haha!

If you haven't had any tickets yet, do not worry. You can avail tickets here. You can also purchase tickets through their website.
Check it here: Hong Kong Disneyland Ticket

Entrance/Facade of  Hong Kong Disneyland


 Hong Kong Disneyland is too wide to explore, so be sure not to get lost and not to miss special shows or plays. Get your Guide Map and Times Guide.

Where to go first? Why not check the nearest attraction in your location? Then move from one attraction to another but make sure not to miss the important shows especially the magical parade.Always check the 'Times Guide.

Okay, are you ready? C'mon! Let's explore this wonderful place!

Upon entering the gate,  you can see this view.
Oh? There is a cute fire department here? Nice!

I just wanna feel this moment. I can't believe I 'm here. Oh yeah, sounds like a kid? 'Coz now,I feel like I am a kid again. I always enjoy going to any amusement parks in the Philippines but it is still different to be here--Hong Kong Disneyland is a place to be...a place for young ones and young at heart.

Oh castles everywhere!

What is Space Mountain? Oh well, it is a mountain in space...LOL...
It is an inside roller coaster which is like a rocket at warp speed with synchronized music and sound effects. I never tried riding on roller coasters (except those mini-roller coasters in our hometown during our town festival, haha). The hairpin turns, quick dips, high tech sound and special effects are very exhilarating! I feel like having a space journey in which I can reach the shooting stars, see the comets, and look into the future! 

Photo Courtesy of: Hong Kong Disneyland

After exploring some of the attractions, time to check our 'Times Guide'
Oh! It is already 3 o'clock in the afternoon! Time to find a nice place for us to watch the grand magical parade at 3:30PM.

Oh wow! There are so many people already waiting for the parade. Okay let's find a nice spot so that we can take nice photo angles.

Oh thanks to ate Cindy for taking this wonderful photo!
The sun is too bright that time but for the sake of watching this parade and taking some photos, we are temporarily insensitive to the burning heat of the sun.

Oh there you are. Hi Winnie the Pooh! Why are you so cute? 

Oh my! The Disney Princesses are here! Hey Cinderella, look at here please! Hey Snow White, I am here, hey!

These dancers are smiling sweetly despite of the hotness of the sun.

Tinker Bell!


Please welcome the casts of Toy Story!

Buzz Lightyear!

With Minnie Mouse! Yey I am so happy!
Oh my! This is my childhood dream--to take photos with these cute Disney Characters!

Me, Minnie, and Ate Cindy

Those kids are so cute!

Pooh, can I take you home?

Oh what a cute one!

I just love this photo of  Pooh and Ate Cindy :)

Oh what? Hey Mickey, why are you eating my...opps...oh oh, are kissing my hand...haha!

Mickey loves Ate Cindy!

I am just so happy! I am so speechless! Haha!
I am with Pluto right now. Yey!

I wonder if I'll have a dog as big as Pluto...what will happen to my Mayumi (my 19 months old Shih Tzu) Haha!

Do you know Goofy? He is not only the talking dog but he is now a model. A model? Yes! Look at the following photos! He is the model and Ate Cindy as his photographer. Haha!

Done with picture takings. Let's explore around Disneyland again. 

Oh Tinker Bell! C'mon let's take a photo with her. 
What? Times up to take a picture with her? Oh my...why oh why?

Okay, let's do this, haha!


Let's go around this jungle...yes, a jungle inside Disneyland, haha!Look, there are so many FIlipinos riding on this boat too!

Rhoda: Ate Cindy, I am tired and hungry already, can we have something to eat?

 Cindy: Yes, me too. Okay let's go and buy some food.

Food inside the theme park cost a lot. This sausage sandwich cost something about 38 Hong Kong Dollars. Okay let me taste it...Uhm, uhm, it is good for a hungry person. Uh oh...wait! There is a strange taste. Hmmm... Better try it for yourself once you get here, okay? :D
This bottled water costs 25 Hong Kong Dollar...oh my water.
 Now that we have energy and calories to burn again, let go around the Toy Story Land.

 Oh wait, we are already enjoying here too much. Let's be conscious about the time because we want to watch the Fireworks Display. Oh sad, our time is not really enough to visit more attractions. It is already 7:30 in the evening! Let's go to the ground and wait for the fireworks display.


Oopps...sorry...I did not take any photos of the fireworks display. Haha! I'll just try to upload the video soon! 

Time to say goodbye to Hong Kong Disneyland for now.

There are so many people who visited here today.

Thank you Hong Kong Disneyland for this wonderful experience!

We are so happy! We are tired but this day is awesome! See you again Hong Kong Disneyland! 

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