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El Nido: Island Hopping Tour A

September was a busy and stressful month for me. I always want to splurge myself on something else that I will truly enjoy and that is traveling. I always wanted to visit El Nido. I have heard so many great things about it. Our original travel date was September 22 to 26 but because we cannot control things happening in our lives, we missed the flight and just booked another flight again.
We stayed in El Nido for 4 days. We took a flight from Manila to Puerto Princesa (the capital city of Palawan). From there, we took a van going to El Nido. We booked it in advance but you can still be a walk-in passenger just in case you don't have time to make an advance reservation. Travel time from Puerto Princesa to El Nido Town Proper is from 5 to 6 hours. The public van for hire has a speed limit of 90km per hour so it is comfortable for the passengers. The road is not fully develop yet so expect some rocky and bumpy roads sometimes.

From our room's terrace, we can see this awesome view. I can feel the cool breeze in the morning and the sensational smell of the sea. I can hear the calming waves of the sea water. The sea water's color changes as the sun rises from the marvelous mountains of El Nido. 

Island hopping starts from here. We need to ride on a boat. We are required to wear our life vests either you can swim or not (you can take it off later when you already arrived in your designated islands anyway).  The number of passengers depends on the capacity of the boat.

You can go to Big Lagoon, Small Lagoon, Simizu Island, Secret Lagoon, and 7 Commandos Beach if you will avail the Tour A Island hopping package tour.
This is the Blue Lagoon.

It is really so wonderful! It was low tide when we passed by here so we saw some people who were just walking instead of swimming, hahaha! Surprisingly, our boat was able to pass. Yey Hmmm...I wanna walk there too. It seems cool...

The rocky mountain seems kissing the emerald green water. It is indeed a hidden paradise. I just felt blessed because I was able to visit this place. I have been to several islands in the Philippines but my heart is now in love with El Nido (haha).
Welcome to the 7 Commandos Beach. You can enjoy swimming in that crystal clear seawater and you can also buy coconut juice or eat halo-halo (popular Filipino dessert) here.
Hey Rhoda, where are looking at? Oh by the way, let me introduce you Faith Agape, our great great boat. Haha!

This is the Small Lagoon. We spent a long time here. I tried Kayaking for the first time and it is so cool! It is so easy to paddle because Kayak is not that heavy. I can stay here for 8 hours but I wasn't able to since we have more islands to visit. Among those islands included in tour A, small lagoon is my favorite. Why? Oh well, you have to figure it out when you come here. Haha! It is quite hard to explain how it feels to be here (haha). I have never been to such a wonderful place like this before! Oh my this is just so heavenly! Oh c'mon! Don't get me wrong. There are so many wonderful places in the Philippines  but so far, this is the best island for me.

Actually all islands in El Nido, Palawan are just amazing! I can feel the power of God just by looking at His marvelous creations. I enjoyed looking at the rock formations, the trees and plants covering these rocky mountains, and the emerald green crystal clear water. God is really a Great Creator. I can praise Him with all my heart and with all my soul. There are so many things to thank for and someof those things are these islands of course!

Ooppps...moist. Sorry.

I am already hungry but our lunch is not yet ready so I just wanna feel this moment (LOL). Oh well, please excuse me. Haha!
Our delicious lunch includes rice, grilled pork, grilled fish, grilled squid, crabs, salad, and fruits! Yummy!
One thing I like about traveling is that having the opportunity to meet new friends. It is nice to meet this lovely couple. They are just amazing. They are both from Israel, my dream place to visit! I became more interested to visit their country because of the good things I heard from them. We were able to eat dinner together and I am so happy to exchange information with them regarding our cultures and political systems. They are so nice. They like traveling together. They already visited Bananue (ba-na-we) Rice terraces in Ifugao and in Boracay Island. I am also grateful when they told us how they got engaged.

I really enjoye the company of this very nice couple. I hope God will always bless them. I hope to meet them again someday.

This is Catherine. She is such a cheerful and wonderful lady from Germany. She is really nice. She is in El Nido for more than a week together with her friend  Verochka (Though I wasn't able to take a picture with her because she was really enjoying snorkeling and taking photos but she is also really nice and fun to talk with). We were able to exchange information about ourselves. One interesting thing is that we both have a background in broadcasting. The only difference is that, she is in the broadcasting industry now, unlike me who chose a different career path. :)

Our guide, Sam, is waving his hand. Say hi to our group! I guess everyone enjoyed here in Small Lagoon. :)

Oh I can smell the fresh air and feel the cool breeze from this lagoon. What a perfect place to relax. Far away from the busy city of Metro pollution and nothing to do but to relax.

You have to enter this small hole first before you can see the Secret Beach.
So I am here inside the Secret Beach. It is a small "cave-like" place but indeed a very wonderful place too. You cannot actually swim inside because the water is too shallow.

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