Monday, October 13, 2014

El Nido: Island Hopping Tour C

El Nido is such a wonderful place to visit. It is a paradise in which you can enjoy by hopping from one island to another to see limestone cliffs, lagoons, white-fine sand beaches, rock formation, and sand bars. There are available Island Hopping Tours for the tourists which give them more time on the beaches, eat good food, and have courteous guides to assist them. You can choose from tours A, B, C, and D. 
If you have a limited time to stay in El Nido, I would highly recommend you to take tours A and C. 
You can check my blog about tour A here: TOUR A

The next day after tour A, we did tour C. In tour C, we visited the following islands: Hidden Beach, Helicopter Island, Secret Beach, Matinloc Shrine, and Star Beach.
Our first stop was in the Hidden Beach. Why is it called like that? Hmmm...Maybe because  this beautiful place is covered by these rocky mountains or should I say rock formations?

Habulin mo ako! Haha!

The water level is actually shallow. I just enjoyed taking lots of pictures here and I was amazed with the scenery.
Arrgh! So heavy huh! Lol

Oh em gee! This emerald green sea water is just stunning! This was an actual photo... not edited nor modified.

We took our lunch here in Star Beach. We also enjoyed snorkeling here.

I was able to meet (haha) Nemo and his family. There they are!
Nemo says "Hello there!"
Oh his wife and his kid! Oh so cute! :D

We had a nice talk, LOL.

I am not a good swimmer so I am always thankful to the person who invented the life vest. Because of this, I can enjoy snorkeling. Geez! I must learn how to swim really soon!

I am hungry but our lunch is not yet ready so I just enjoyed my time posing for pictures because I have a very nice photographer. Haha!

Lunch time! What we had for lunch? We ate grilled fish, grilled squid, crabs, eggplant omelet, fruits, and vegetables.

After lunch break, we moved from Star Beach to the Secret Beach. Why is is secret? Because it is kept unknown by the waves of the ocean...just kidding...uhm, well literally it is true. Ahuh, you can never see the beautiful beach from this boat. All you can see is that big rock.
Can you see that small hole in the left side of the picture? You have to enter that hole before you can see the secret beach. It was a challenge for me to enter here because waves were so strong. I swam for almost 4 meters closer to the hole (Oh yeah, I can't swim but I had my life vest).

 Finally! Welcome to the secret beach!

 After the secret beach, we went to Matinloc Shrine which is also known as Shrine of Our Lady of Matinloc and Shrine of the Blessed Virgin. It is a sacred monument built in 1982 to honor the blessed virgin Mary.

Okay,so there is a saying which goes like this "face your fear". Gosh! Okay, so I did! And it was great! Especially when I saw this breathtaking view.

A panoramic view from the top of the viewing deck here in Matinloc Shirne.
You have to go up these stairs for you to reach the viewing deck.

 Most rocks have pointed formation so be careful.

Last stop to end this island hopping tour C is the Helicopter Island? Why is it called like that? Oh well, because it looks like a car? LOL! Of course it's a joke. What I enjoyed the most here was having the opportunity to snorkel and swim with this group of fish.

 Even if they look so delicious in my eyes (haha, sorry), it was a great feeling watching them eating and swimming together. This was a protected area so no wonder why there are plenty of fish in this sea...literally speaking.

Thanks for reading! :D

Live.Laugh. Love
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  1. Nice blog Rhoda!! :) I don't know how to start my El Nido blogpost. Everything about it seems surreal. Do visit mine.

    1. Thanks Lolla for your comment. You are right, El Nido is just an amazing paradise. Yeah, will check it. :)