Thursday, October 9, 2014

Must Try Restaurant Dishes in El Nido

Part of your exploration should include FOOD! 
Tasting "local food" is always a part of my adventure whenever I am out somewhere.
When I say local food, I am referring to those delicious and bestseller food in that  certain area.

Before traveling, I always find time to research on things to do and food to try in that particular place.

Whenever it's your first time to eat in a restaurant,  the best food to order are their bestsellers. :)

Our first dinner was in Trattoria Altrov’é.  One unique thing I like about this place is the "feeling of being at home". I like their strict "barefoot policy" here. You need to take your slippers or shoes off before going upstairs. Don't worry because there is a rack in which you can safely keep your footwear. 

Okay so when you are already barefooted, you may now go upstairs. So cute! :)

Trattoria Altrov’é is an Italian Cafe and Restaurant. This is not your typical restaurant. You have to go upstairs because their dining area and small bar are on the second floor while their kitchen is on the ground floor.  
This is the restaurant's traditional brick oven  where they cook all  of their pizzas which make it more delicious! Yum! Most of the online reviews say that they have the best pizza in El Nido. It's for you to figure out. You MUST try eating here. It's worth the penny!
Their mini bar. :)
They are using dim light in this restaurant. Hmm, it is not a place for reading I guess. A relaxing music is also playing here which makes it a perfect place to relax, chat with friends, or have a romantic date.

If you want to eat a lot for dinner, you can try Squidos. It is situated in Calle Hama St. For 250 pesos, you can eat as much as you can from 7PM onwards. This is a very popular place with so many  backpackers. However, their place is not that big and not properly ventilated.

I enjoyed their pizza plus the fact that I can eat this as much as I want. (Oh sira na naman ang diet ko. Haha)! Their pasta is also great! "It tastes so good when it hits your lips." 

This is also a great restaurant. The ambiance is great, music is relaxing, service is fast, and the food? Oh it  is heavenly! Artcafe is not just a restaurant but they also have a boutique. Aside from that, they are also offering tour packages.

 They are open from 6:30 in the morning to 11 in the evening.
 Their food prices cost a little more expensive than the other two restaurants we have tried but their food presentation is outstanding. Their place is also wider and properly ventilated. Their lighting is just right--not so dim, not so bright.

Their bestseller pizza: ARTCAFE pizza.
 I love their food! Next time, I will try eating here for breakfast. I have heard that they bake daily fresh bread, white and whole wheat,. They also serve brewed Coffee or Espresso, and fresh Fruit  shakes. 
Oh well, if you are not fond of eating bread, they have a wide variety of Omelets and Eggs, Pancakes, Crepes. They have some Filipino dishes too.
Hmmm, I just missed their homemade yoghurt and always fresh made Swiss Muesli. I must try these next time!
This night's house special: Vegetarian Lasagna. Nomnomnom!

Oh I can't wait to go back to El Nido for more food adventures! Yey!

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