Friday, October 31, 2014

What's in my Bag?

Most women bring a lot of things inside their bags.  I rarely go out with a small bag hanging on my shoulder. I think, I just use a small bag whenever I go to a grocery store. Whenever I meet my friends, go to the church,  go to graduate school, or just go to the shopping mall, I usually use my "big" bag.
So what's inside my bag? 

1. Aluminum Card Wallet-- This is where I usually keep my ATM cards, loyalty cards, and some money bills. I don't bring any wallet aside from this aluminum card wallet. I don't have a credit card and I chose not to have it right now. I might fall into debt since I am an impulsive online shopper. LOL

2. Powerbank -- It is a must have for someone who loves gadgets. Oh well, it is a life-saving device for me. I always use the internet either at home or whenever I am somewhere else so my phones should not run out of batteries!

3. & 4. My Mobile Phones-- I have two phones. Uhm, one is for my internet browsing and the other one is for SMS and calls.

5. Spray Bottle with Perfume -- My perfume's bottle is big so to save space, it is good to use spray bottle in dispensing my perfume.

6. Hand Sanitizer -- Washing our hands with soap and water is the best way to reduce the number of germs especially before and after eating. If soap and water are not available, I use a hand sanitizer.

7. Baby Wipes and Tissue -- I use baby wipes in so many ways. Aside from using it as feminine wipes, I also use it to clean my face instead of washing it with water. When I run out of hand sanitizer, I use it to wipe and clean my hand with it. This is also a must have for me whenever I travel somewhere for a getaway trip.

8. Etude House Eyebrow Pencil (dark brown) -- I always want my eyebrow to look good. This silky smooth eyebrow pencil fills in, defines, and shapes my brows well.

9. Essence Get Big Lashes Maskara -- I don't have long lashes so this product is so helpful to me. Haha! It added density to my lashes. It is also easy to apply because the fibers of the football-like mega brush reach the tiniest lashes and cover each individual lash without causing them to stick or feel heavy.

10. Pen, Sign Pen, and Pencil --  I always make sure that I bring pens or a pencil whenever I go out just in case I need it.

11. Umbrella -- Either during rainy days or sunny days, I always make sure that I have my umbrella with me.

12. Revlon Pressed Powder -- I just use something light for my face like a baby powder or a pressed powder. Recently, I stopped using a foundation because it irritates my skin. I just received this as a gift from my good friends Mia and Bianca. haha!Thank you GFs! I love you big time!

13. Etude House Dear My Blush On -- I bought it because the packaging is so cute. Oh well, I am trying my best to use it all the time especially when I look pale. Haha!

14. Nyx Lip Gloss -- I love lip gloss more than lipsticks! I just got this out from my make-up kit.

15. Mirror -- Instead of using the mirror of my pressed powder, it is easier to use this when I just need to check if there is something on my know! haha!

16. Ponytail and Hair Clips -- If you have a long hair, these hair accessories are must haves!

17. Hand Fan -- I am living in a tropical country so I need this...haha! Oh it is so important for me whenever I ride on the Philippine National Railways (PNR). :D

18. Comb -- Oh again, if you have a long hair, I think you must have this with you all the time.

19. Candies, Gums, Biscuits -- Just in case I suddenly get hungry. It is better to be ready.

20. Canon Digital Camera -- Hmm, sometimes, I just like taking photos using my digicam rather than using my phone.

All these things are put in a dual travel organizer bag.
Okay, so I have a confession to make. I must admit it now...I am an obsessive-compulsive person when it comes to almost everything!
And oh! I forgot to include my keys, my coin purse, and my water bottle here.

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