Saturday, October 18, 2014

Small Lagoon in El Nido, Palawan

Welcome to Small Lagoon.
This was our first stop during our Island Hopping tour A. We left El Nido town proper around 9:30 in the morning. It took us 20 minutes (or so) by boat before we arrived here in this beautiful island.

Our boat stopped from this point which means we have to SWIM from here going to the small lagoon. Oh well, I was so CONFIDENT TO SWIM because I was wearing a life vest (haha) but I think swimming from here up to there will make me so tired. Ahuh, I just thought so. :P

Oh good thing we brought Kayak with us which we rented for the whole day. Rental rates usually ranges from 700 to 1000 pesos for the whole day. This kayak is good for 2 persons. There's a smaller one if you want to do it solo.

The water is really crystal clear emerald-green!
It is not that easy to paddle though. Gosh, I guess my arm muscles already built up bigger than the usual. Haha!
For a not-so-good swimmer like me, I guess kayaking is the best thing to do here while enjoying the magnificent view of Small Lagoon.

I went inside this small cave and see the water inside? Yep, it is still a crystal clear emerald-green!

I was acting like a child here...For me, Kayaking is a perfect  time to relax and just realize few things about my life then suddenly, it reminded me of my favorite poem written by Suzy Lamborg entiled Childish Mind. Below are some of my favorite lines:

And that's your que, you must prove
You've got wings
They wanna see you fail
But show what they rather feel

Evil belongs to the fire and you belong to the sky
You are my hope my only try
I got my head stuck in the fog
My blurry vision seems to belong

Hey But I know I got a shot in this big bad world
Ohh I know I can tear it down I know I can put it up
And one day they will raise a flag with my name
I belong in this world but I maybe too old for this mind

I got childish ways you know
They run away from me
They say I don't belong in this world
I know I can make name real big

Still can't right get my letters straight
I'm struggling with myself but I know I can make
I can bow down and listen to my words, I know

Oh 'till I see you again Small Lagoon. I shall be back soon...

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