Friday, November 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Papa!

 Once upon a time, there was a baby girl born in Tabisula's residence in a town called Bolinao. She was healthy and lovely to her parents' eyes. Her parents raised her well. She was the apple of his father's eyes. Her father considered her as his princess in his as much as he could, he would give her everything she wanted. But unlike a "real" kingdom, they were not rich so he needed to work hard. He turned nights into days so that he could earn more to sustain his family's needs and buy beautiful dresses and toys for his dearest princess. Their little princess never experienced hunger despite of his father 's meager income. She never became a spoiled brat because at her young age, she has witnessed how her mother and father worked so hard just to send her to school and provide her needs. They wanted her to finish her studies because they were never had the chance to finish theirs. The princess promised to herself to put her best foot forward in everything especially on her studies. She was a consistent honor student from kindergarten until she finished her college degree. In fact, she graduated Cum Laude from the University of the Philippines-Baguio. She did this because it was her happiness whenever her parents goes on the stage with her to get her medals and awards.This was one of her ways to show her deep appreciation to them.

Oh, this is just the beginning of my story.  Someday, I will continue writing my own life story and share it to everyone. In that way, I may inspire others out there especially those people who are losing hope in their lives.

Meanwhile, meet my dearest father.

Look at my father's skin. He has dark and blemished skin complexion. I am proud to say that those are signs of his hardships. His wrinkles on his gentle face show how he have been through just to sustain our needs. But I wanted to think also that these wrinkles are his engraved smiles for I know that he is so proud of me ever since the world began. 

I just love my father.

Aside from those gossipers in our town saying that I might not be able to finish my studies because according to them, I will be a teenage mother, my father said that he needed to protect me from boys who might break my heart.

  My father was strict to me before so my mother and I were always keeping secrets from him especially when I received love letters from my admirers(haha) way back in elementary and high school (haha). The first time I received a so-called love letter was when I was a third grade Elementary student (gosh, I was so young way back then!) and I was so scared to show it to my father and mother that time. Haha!
I am so thankful how my mother and father raised me. 
Now I understand why my father was so strict to me before.
Oh! I just remember--there was a part in our college graduation ceremony wherein we need to say thank you to our parents. I am always thankful to my parents so what I have told them that time was "AKO NAMAN NA PO ANG BAHALA SA INYO MA, PA" (This time, I will be the one who will take care of you Ma and Pa.).

I am happy when they are happy. But I am weak when they are feeling bad physically and emotionally. So if you want to make me cry, just talk about my parents and my family as a whole. Haha!

I am willing to fight for them especially when some people out there say something bad about them. You can say something bad about me but never do that to my parents or else... :P

Now, I am working on and doing my best to achieve not just my goals in life but also that of my parents. 
We may not have an actual castle for now, hahaha but our kingdom is already rich with love and joy in our hearts. 


God bless our family and also yours. :)

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