Friday, November 20, 2015

Bohol Getaway

Hi there! Wow! It's been a while since my last trip!
Welcome back to me! Hello there readers! I apologize for I am such a lazy blogger.
Honestly, I became so busy these past few months.
The last time I traveled by an airplane was when I went to Boracay with my travel sister/buddy Ate Cindy. After that, my schedules became so hectic (Feeling artista).

This trip was a good time for me to relax and reward myself from all the achievements and blessings I received this year.

Our flight was as early as 6AM so we need to be at the airport at least 1 hour before the flight. I set my alarm clock the night before so that I can wake up at 4AM. Guess what? I turned it off and slept again. Thankfully, ate Cindy, who was already at the airport with Mai that time, called me around quarter to 5AM so there! I got panic! When I panic, everything is chaotic! Uhm, okay, to  cut the story short, we (Me and Mike) were still able to check-in. Thanks to Ate Cyn and Mai!

So  here are the things we did for the first day of our trip:

ARRIVAL: Welcome to Tagbilaran Airport!
From the left: Ate Cindy, Mai, Mike)

FIRST STOP: Tarsier's sanctuary
The tarsier is considered as the world's smallest primate.
An endangered species, the tarsier is a tree-climbing and insect-eating primate with large eyes.

Observe silence when you're there because they are very sensitive animals.

Can you see them? Luckily, they were wide awake that time. Just a reminder, tourists are not allowed to hold them.

Oh what a big Tarsier that is!

These are some of the things you can buy there as souvenirs.

Reunited with my original travel sisters! 
Reunited with my brothers (From the left: Me, Kuya Jack and Kuya Niel)! Haha! Peace to my KUYAs. Haha!
Before witnessing the awesome view of the Chocolate Hills, we needed to walk up on these stairs first. Oh I didn't count the number of steps since we were too busy taking pictures, haha!
This was not the first time for me to see this but I will always be amazed to see this scenic view. God, You are indeed our Great Creator. You are our an Awesome God!

SECOND STOP: Butterfly Garden

The Bohol Butterfly Conservation Center or the Butterfly Garden is home to hundreds of butterfly species. You can see the different stages of the butterfly's development as well as specimens of live and preserved butterflies and moths.

Oh what a big butterfly that is!

NEXT STOP: Man-made Forest
Thousands of mahogany trees planted by locals are found in Bilar's Man-Made Forest.
You can relax and feel the breeze or take pictures among the towering trees.

FOURTH STOP: Blood Compact Shrine
The Blood Compact Shrine commemorates the first treaty of friendship between the white and brown races. Spanish conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and local chieftain Rajah Sikatuna sealed the treaty by drinking wine mixed with blood, thus it was called the "Blood Compact" or "Sandugo."

This was the last photo taken before my camera went off due to low battery.
Lesson learned: Make sure your camera is fully charged before your trip.

You can also opt to visit the largest Python in Captivity. However, Prony, python's name, already died but they preserve its body so you can still take a photo of it. They now have Prony II there as a replacement. :D

After this, we went to Loboc River. We enjoyed an idyllic cruise aboard a floating restaurant along the River River. We were enthralled by the captivating view of tropical palms and trees while being treated to a  sumptuous lunch and relaxing music. We used Ate Cindy's camera that time so I will TRY to make a separated post about that *crossed fingers*.

Monday, September 21, 2015

What I Did Last Sunday (September 20)

Hi! It's been a while since my last post here in my blog. Oh well, let's just say that I became so busy recently. I haven't been to any new places yet but I'm working on it already. Yup! My restless feet will be wandering again soon! I really miss traveling! Currently, I am too focused on my job and sometimes catching up with my friends.

Last Sunday was a special day because it was the 19th Anniversary of Hope of Glory Baptist Church. It is my Church here in Manila.

This is my obligatory OOTD (Outfit of the Day) post and please excuse Mayumi for she really loves posing at cameras. In this photo, I am wearing a Zoei dress and a pair of Zalora dark blue wedge. I decided to wear a pair of diamond earrings (not genuine) and a Casio watch for my accessories. 

Meet some of my co-church members. 

This is Yahny. We became "super close" today and thanks to my camera! Yup, I finally discovered her weakness. Hahaha! I am her godmother and we  rarely see each other-- just only every Sunday during our church service so she is shy to approach me but today is unusual because she is always at my side and she always wants to take selfie pictures. Haha! This is my most favorite one!

Aside from the anniversary celebration, today is also the dedication day of Elyzah Praise, younger sister of Yahny. I am one of her godmothers and I am super blessed! She is just so cute!

I hope to make more blog posts soon!
See you on my next post!

Thanks for dropping by!


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Welcome to Bolinao, My Beloved Hometown

Oh hi there Bolinao!!!

I came back to my hometown last June after all my busy months or should I say, very very busy months. I was exhausted, stressed, and sad. I was alone for few months because Mayumi was staying in Bolinao during my "hell months".

According to my mother, Mayumi was sometimes sad. Maybe she was missing me? Oh well. I was missing her too but she needed to stay there because I was in the graduate school  almost every day and she will just always left alone in my apartment if she was here. I am not an irresponsible furry mother, okay? :) (Defensive, haha!)

Tarrrraaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnn! After six months, finally I had the chance to go back here again.

This is my place, this is my hometown. This is where I spent most of my childhood days. Welcome to Lucero, Bolinao, Pangasinan! This place will always reminds me of so many things--good and bad. I was sad to see the ruins of our house here. It was destroyed by a strong typhoon way back in 2009. That house is so important to us. :(

I missed doing this! When I was young, we always go to the sea to get some sea shells during low tide. My favorite shells is what we locally known as "didila".

Nothing has changed in this place. Maybe some people have changed but not really the place. I was surprised to hear some gossips (chismosa lang ang peg) about this person and that person. Oh well, (Ganoon talaga!) what more can I say?

Okay enough with gossips and stuff, let me share to you what I did the next day.
I texted my best friend Virgie and asked her if she's busy that Saturday. Well, she had a meeting in the afternoon (She's a very dedicated public elementary school  teacher!)so in the morning, she went roaming around the town with me and Mike!

This is one of the tourist spots here in Bolinao. Bolinao Lighthouse provides you a panoramic view  of Patar Beach.
Bolinao Lighthouse 

Unfortunately, I was saddened to see these acts of vandalism. Such a shame! Taken photos here could be more wonderful without these gibberish vandalism!

Before, we couldn't enter and go up the light house because it was usually closed. To our surprised, it was opened that time. So voila! We went up there! I am afraid of heights but I conquered my fear!

Okay, so what were we doing here, bessy? Haha!

Mike was there! I wasn't able to do that kind of pose. Looking down from a high structure like this lighthouse might make me feel sick. :P

Meet Dex, our Little Mister Sunshine. He is always camera ready with his perfect smile.

Another tourist spot here is this Patar White Sand beach. As a matter of fact, it is considered as "The Next Boracay of the North".  Unfortunately, the weather was not good when we got there. Waves were high so there were some seaweeds in the shoreline.

If you don't like swimming in the sea, then why not try swimming in a cave?
Welcome to Bolinao Enchante Cave! I have been here for so many times but I always enjoy my visit here...Thank you ate Grace for giving us free entrance (As always!Yey!)

This is what you can see inside. From its name "ENCHANTED CAVE" , the crystal clear water is very enchanting!

Entrance Fee: Php 150.00

There are more things you can do here. Bolinao has a lot to offer. We have some falls namely Tara falls, Bolinao 1 falls, and Bolinao 2 falls.

I am so proud of my hometown! It has been featured in different TV shows for a lot of times which made it more popular not only among the people of Pangasinan but even to those who are from other parts of the Philippines.

Come and visit my hometown!

How to go to Bolinao from Metro Manila:

There is no airport near Bolinao but you can always go there by bus.
Five Star and Victory Liners are the main bus companies with Bolinao trips.
In my case, I usually ride on a Five Star bus from their bus terminal located at Pasay City.
Travel time will take 5 to 7 hours depending on the traffic condition.
If you'll take a night trip, your travel time will be shorter.

Bus fare (air conditioned bus): 450-500 pesos

See you in Bolinao!