Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Day Full of Activities in Boracay

This was my second visit here in Boracay and I wanted to make the most out of it. 
On the first day, we just walked along the seashore. But on the second day, we did a lot!

Where in Boracay can you see this view? Later I will spill the beans! :D

I don't know if it is just me, but I think, they are developing Boracay too much! They keep on building here and there! They even cut trees to give ways to some business establishments. Poor trees.

Good thing is that, the ocean is still looking good. The question is, "Until when?" :(

 Hello from me and Ate Cindy!

 Sinusulit lang namin yung moment na ito. So here....We took a lot of SELFIE photos...or should I say TWOfie? Haha!

So where were we? We were at the highest part of this island (that's according to our guide).

 Watch us enjoying the view!

It was my first time to try this ATV and it was indeed fun! I want to do it again but in a different place of course! Haha! This is so astig!

It was not that hard to drive this! It's like a toy car...uhm, a toy car which looks like a motorcycle, uhm, a big one? Haha!

Watch us drive the ATV , haha

So, after our ATV adventure, we decided to try Helmet Diving. This was my second time to try this but for my travel buddy, it was her first time.

We rode on a speed boat going to the activity area. It was so exciting but I was a bit scared.

Briefing time...
I decided to go first. Well, I still felt nervous even if it was not my first time to helmet dive.
Waiting for my helmet...
Okay, now I'm gone? Haha.
I will upload our underwater pictures soon.
Because we did a lot of activities today, I think we deserve a great dinner!

One thing that I love here in Boracay is having the chance to witness a perfect sunset while sitting on a fine white sand.
Was that a sunburn mark? Gosh, I was exposed to the sun too long today.

Just taking a pose in front of this lovely hotel.

We tried Mexican food for dinner and whoala! It was great!

I want to try all the meals on their menu but of course I couldn't eat all of that for this evening.

I love our second day because we really maximized our time. 
We ate delicious food and did exciting activities.

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