Saturday, February 21, 2015

Crystal Cove Resort in Boracay

Oh, I thought I already posted this one. Recently, I am so busy with my academic requirements for my master's degree. Anyway, how are you guys? Thanks for visiting my page again. I know I am such a very lazy blogger. I just write whenever I feel to do so. Sorry. ^_^

Last December, me and my super travel buddy slash sister buddy Ate Cindy went to Boracay. We were actually trying a lot of things in the island. It wasn't my first time to visit Boracay but it was my first time to go here--Crystal Cove Resort.

If you will avail the island hopping tour, this island will be one of your destination. However, you must pay an entrance fee in order for you to enter the so-called-resort. If I can remember it correctly, the exact amount is around 200 pesos ($4) per person.



Waves were big that time so as you can see, tides were huge and scary! Yay!

My favorite pose, LOL!

If you want to get away from the busy and crowded island of the Boracay white beach, this is a perfect place for you. I think this place is only open for a day-tour. They are also serving meals if you want to order. However, I never knew if they are accepting guests for an overnight stay. Aside from these nipa houses, I did not notice any hotel rooms.

If you love nature, this can be a good place for you.
Oh I love nature...I love the sea, the sky, the land.  :D

We spent 20 to 30 minutes trekking around this small island. 


Thinking about something...hmmm..

Aside from walking and roaming around the resort, we also did a cove adventure! Yey! Though honestly, this kind of adventure was not new to us since there are so many caves and coves like this in my hometown (Bolinao, Pangasinan).

Thank you thank you!
I am not  yet sure when is my next trip. I am graduating this April so I need to finish writing my Thesis and I should complete all my three Thesis defenses in order for me to graduate!

See you in my next trip! :)

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