Friday, March 13, 2015

Panagbenga: Session in Bloom 2015

After the extravagant float parade and very lively street dancing, the Flower Festival is not yet over. After the last parade (usually on Sunday), Session Road will be closed to give way to "Session in Bloom".
This was taken last March 5, Thursday in the evening. It was not weekend but there were so many people! It was not as crowded as like this before
The Session Road in Bloom is similar to a Market encounter. It begins from the lower Session Road up to the upper of the road which is almost near SM Baguio.

Different products not only coming from entrepreneurs in Baguio City but also coming from other parts of the Philippines are available here!

What we always buy as souvenirs from our trips? Oh yeah, it's the ever famous key chain or refrigerator magnet or both. :D

Who will pick these up? :(
 The best trip in Baguio during Panagbenga is FOOD TRIP! There were food stalls everywhere especially those who sell Shawarma, a sandwich especially of sliced meat like lamb, chicken, or beef with vegetables, and tahini then wrapped in pita bread.

Feeling cold, haha!
The next day, partner Mia and I went back here to buy some souvenirs. We thought that it might be easier to shop during day time 'coz there will be fewer people but then...

We were wrong... :(
But it's okay because it was easier to find a good souvenir during daytime than at night just like what I've seen here.

 Your trip to Baguio will not be complete without buying some of these "pasalubongs": Lengua de gato, peanut butter, peanut brittle, strawberry jam, coco jam, ube jam, and a whole lot more!

Okay so enough with the day time view of Session in Bloom.

Let me introduce to you the Point and Grill Team!
Just kidding!
I can imagine how partner Titus will react at me while saying that. She might say this:  "Partner? Ehhhh!!!" (with rolling eye balls) LOL!
Photo courtesy of Partner Mia :)
Uhm, there were lots of food stalls outside but this was still a better place for these 7 people to eat dinner together. Point and Grill is just located along the session road. Honestly speaking, I never knew it existed there before until this evening! Haha, poor me! :D
Photo courtesy of Partner Mia :)

 Sheron and shee Titus. Ayeee! :D

I can really say that my partner Titus is so happy with kuya Sheron. You really deserve it partner! Pero gaya ng sabi ni Tita, "Mag-aral muna kayo ha?" Pero bagay talaga kayo!

Thanks for reading! See you on my next blog! Ciao! :)

Baguio Tourists, Who?

Hello there! How's your week so far? It's weekend! Yey! I can't believe that this will be my fourth blog for this month! I am so proud of my self! Haha!

This blog is about the four women, uhm I mean  four PRETTY women (hahaha!), who were pretending as tourists. LOL!

After having our late lunch and early dinner at Ketchup Food Community we went to Volante to drink a cup of coffee. Then we went to Mansion House.

 This is where the president of the Philippines stays whenever he/she is in Baguio.

I was trying to jump but I guess my body was just too heavy. Haha!

First time Gwynn? Hehehe

Partner Mia, okay ba? :D
Wright Park is just in front of the Mansion House.
Who's that sexy woman wearing a dress (pretending to be like a mini-skirt)? Haha!

I always love being with my friends. We are so busy with our chosen careers now so it is really hard for us to schedule a "get-together activity" since our schedules are really different.

Photographer: Gwynn Eugenice Ivy Bautista
I just love this photo! Thanks Gwynn! 
My thesis partners will always be my partners. Uhm, without them, I might not be able to graduate from college. I am not sure if I was able to write a Thesis alone that time since I had some budget constraints in life when I was a university student. :D

Are you looking for some activities in Baguio? Okay so this is it. You can get a horse and pay for 30 minutes or an hour horseback riding activity. Oh, I never tried doing this.

At 3:30PM, we went back to downtown since partner Titus and Gwynn need to attend their classes in Law 'coz they are our future lawyers! So Mia and I went to Session road to buy some souvenirs.