Monday, March 9, 2015

Canto in Baguio

I lived in Baguio for 4 years when I was a college student. I was very studious, jologs, and kill joy during that time. Usually, I went to school then check some books or get some readings in the library then head home unless I have to buy some stuff in the grocery store. I never had the chance to go to Sagada. That was my routine until I met my college buddies. Though we didn't go out that often, at least I had the chance to enjoy my college life more because of their company. But we still haven't had the chance to go to Sagada, gosh! Kelan na kasi? Hahaha!

Baguio has changed a lot. There are a lot of new establishments like restaurants now than before or perhaps,I never knew about them because I rarely go out? Hmmm... Anyway, I've heard about this Ketchup Food Community located somewhere near Wright Park. So with the help of our college buddies, partner Titus and Gwynn, we went here and ate lunch together in one of the restaurants here which is called "Canto".

Canto sounds like "Kanto" in Tagalog which means corner or a  place where two streets meet.

My beautiful forever  Thesis partners. (From the right: Partners Mia and Titus)

Cascade Salad
Mixed organic Baguio greens, arugula or alfalfa sprouts, cucumber, candied nuts
and cheese. Drizzled with our homemade vinaigrette topped with watermelon. 
Php 85

Lomo Ribs
Grilled homemade BBQ Ribs served with Cascade Salad, rice or mashed potatoes.
Whole Slab Php390
Half Slab Php199

There are other restaurants here. 
Next time, I will go back here again and try the other restaurants' menu.

Meet my dearest friend Ms.Eugenice Ivy Gwynn Bautista in short Gwynn, a future lawyer. Naks! :D

Food trip is always a fun activity especially when we are with our friends. I will always go back here hangga't may mga pine trees pa. :)

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