Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hello again Oble!

It's been 4 years since I graduated from University of the Philippines-Baguio. Time really flies so fast. Baguio is always special in my heart. It is my second home and this place also gave me a lot of good memories (though there were few bad ones too). Going back to this place is always a good way for me to relieve from stress. Aside from relaxing, I went here to get an Alumni ID and request some certifications too.

Hello Oble! It is always nice to see you!

"The Oblation symbolizes ignorance. His nudity is a symbol of his ignorance with what life and the society is all about. A freshman student who enters UP for the first time is like an ignorant child and UP clothes the student’s ignorance about the society, making him/her see the true face of the world. 
 It makes one realize that the world isn’t really all rainbows and unicorns, that the world isn’t the ideal place that most childhood books tell us about, and that the world is not fair like how our ideals portrayed it. I was once a naked, ignorant high school graduate. When I stepped in UP, the world changed 360 degrees. And now that I am a UP graduate, I can say that UP dressed me up with knowledge and changed my perspective about life and the world through and through."

UPB's old basketball court
If the weather is fine, we play basketball here during our PE2 Basketball class but if it is raining, we use the gym at the Human Kinetics Program building or well-known as HKP.
Our main library
 I was a student assistant here before.
At the back of our library
It was not the same anymore since they have closed the shortest way to CAC. They are building something again I guess.

Welcome to our college--College of Arts and Communication or CAC for short!

 Me and Mia went here to see our dear teachers but so sad because we didn't see them. Where were you this time Sir Zecke, Ma'am Shine,  and Sir Orville?  :D

Walang tao sa loob ng mga oras na ito. Asan po kayo? Pati si Manang Violy ng CAC di ko nakita. Hmmm...

We saw this posted at one of the bulletin boards in the CAC. It is a tribute to sir Amer Amor. I never had a chance to be in his class but I heard from his students that he is really a cool teacher. I believe that sir Amor is now happy with God in heaven.

Mia looking for our dear professors. Haha!
 I really don't know why they called it like that but maybe because if a pregnant woman will use these stairs  she may have a miscarriage? Oh well, I just made a wild guess. :D

UPB Alumni Building

Uhm, some things are missing here...

I am so happy to visit UP Baguio again. Mia and I saw Ma'am Binx (Binky Costales Divinagracia) outside the entrance gate. She is so blooming and looks like not aging at all! What's your secret ma'am?

We will always go back here in Baguio. Even though we are now living in Metro Manila, we are always longing for your cool breeze and foggy weather Baguio. You are our second home. 

Thanks for reading! Ciao! See you on my next blog! :)

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