Saturday, March 7, 2015

Thesis: Final Defense

 Hi there! How are you guys? I have just arrived from Baguio. Well, I had  a short yet relaxing and fun 2-day vacation in my second home, the City of Pines. I will make a blog about that soon, promise!

I actually had a terrible hell-week or should I say a hell-month last month until this first week of March. So what made me so busy? Oh well, my MBA Thesis defense. I guess I have mentioned this before in my previous blog or somewhere in my Unspoken Words section. I had to finish all my three Thesis defenses: Title Defense, Pre-oral Thesis Defense, and Final Defense. Studying in a graduate school is not that easy physically, emotionally, and financially speaking. You really need to sacrifice some things. In my case, I have to sacrifice my traveling addiction. Oh yeah, I haven't booked any plane tickets yet unlike last year in which I booked several flights, thanks to some airlines' ticket sale. Haha!

Anyway, this is my priority. I am aiming to graduate and receive my MBA degree this year. I am so excited for so many things including great  opportunities that can help me grow as an individual. I really want to have a career development this year. I hope my MBA degree can help me. ^_^

I was so blessed because I had a great and awesome group for Thesis defense. We write our own Thesis individually but we work as a group in terms of food preparation, other things like information dissemination, and pictorial kuno activities (LOL). 

As you can see, we (From the left: Ma'am Che, Me, and Ma'am Jan )were so busy preparing for our food.

After all the things we did for the preparation, we decided to take this not-so-serious photos. Thanks to Kuya Reylan for being our not-so-expert-but-great photographer.


 So, these photos are inspired by those teleserye pictures in the Philippine TV Drama shows.

 So you think we were serious? Think again and look at these photos. Haha!

 Enough for the crazy moment. It is time for the serious one.

 We started it with a prayer.

I was not the first one to present and it took me 3 hours to wait for my turn. Yeah so long! I was already sleepy during my turn, haha!

Meet my dearest Thesis adviser, Doc Cristeta A. Baysa. She was my professor in my Economic Analysis class 1 year ago. Thank you Doc for being so supportive!

 I decided to study about the Factors Affecting the Woman Consumers' Impulsive Buying Habits on Cosmetic Products because me myself is one of those impulsive buyers. I really wanted to know what and how are those factors affecting our decision in buying.

  Our chairperson, Doc Dominador Gamboa, was introducing the panelists.
Question and answer portion.

After being in a hot seat, finally done! 
 Yey! So happy to get an excellent grade from these panelists! Thank you po!

Our Panelists (From the left): Doc Dominador Gamboa, Me, Doc Cristeta Baysa, Doc Antonio Alcantara, and Doc Danilo Reyes.

 It's okay! I am so happy!

 Oh well, we are almost there but we are not yet done because we need to edit our research paper and of course we have to book bind it too! We already spent a lot of money but we know that it's all worth it!
I believe that education is the greatest investment a person can have on earth. So while you can afford it, you have time and desire to do so, then study. :)

For now, I can relax for few days then back to busy days again. It's okay, I know God is with me. Providing all my needs.

Thanks for reading this! See you on my next blog! Ciao! :)

Photos courtesy of Mr. Kevin Idanan.

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