Thursday, July 2, 2015

GirlFriends in Tagaytay

It was my second visit here in Tagaytay and I still enjoyed it. Weeks before this, I was so excited because I was expecting to be with my 6 GirlFriends. However, due to schedule conflicts (our usual problem), 3 of them didn't make it. Two of them are law students--Marriane was sick while Titus , together with her parents, visited her brother in the seminary school. Dhona, my friend who is working as a Bureau Immigration Officer, attended some training sessions. I hope  that all of us will be together soon!

Do you agree in the saying, "Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are"? In my case, I agree. We have different personalities but oh c'mon! We complement each other!

  Mia is currently working for ABS-CBN under the Human Resource Department. Bianca is also in ABS-CBN as a news writer. Sheila is currently working for Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, a government agency .
From the left: Bianca, Sheila, Mia

I call her partner Mia because we (together with Titus) were Thesis partners way back in college.

Oh well, singing in Karaoke will always be our favorite hangout (Well, at least next to food trip, haha!). 


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