Monday, March 28, 2016

What's Up Rhoda?

Hi there my dear readers!
How are you? Hope all is well.
In my case, I am fine though I am just too focused on my job now.
I am back to the corporate world with an industry which is totally new to me so I really put my best foot forward on this! Yeah, that's the spirit!

Meet my John Clements Consultants Inc. Executive Search and Selection Division (ESSD) family. This was taken during our Christmas Party which was held at Shangri-La.

Though I am just missing a lot of things in my life since I became a full-time employee again.
I miss traveling almost every month! Of course I cannot do that now since I have limited leaves and limited money (haha!).

I also miss managing my own time. It was easy before because I worked as a Freelancer while studying MBA but I really don't have any regrets from all the decisions I made these past few months in my life. In fact, I am really glad that I changed my priorities in life now,

You may also wonder why (if you are one of my stalkers, LOL) you couldn't find me on FaceBook anymore. I deactivated it because it was one of my new year resolutions. I couldn't believe I survived without it (OA lang). Honestly,  I am already used not to using it at all and I feel more productive! However, I need to save some photos there so I tried logging in my FB again but I forgot my password 'coz I changed it before I deactivated my account. I know, I know, my bad.

I also wanted to go back to my hometown, Bolinao. I want to attend our homecoming -- meet my high school friends, and spend time with my teachers and batch mates! Waaah! Hoping to get a leave!

What's make me busy aside from my work?
Oh well, my DOGS!!!

Will post a separate blog about my dogs...though not sure when. ^_^

'Til next time!

Take care dear!

Friday, March 4, 2016